There are many misconceptions concerning the first time someone is having sex, especially for women who are planning to lose their virginity. Still, at the end of their research, all they learn is that undoubtedly for the first time, sexual intercourse may be painful.


Find below some tips on how you can minimize discomfort for the first time.

Accustomed to your own composition.

Masturbating can help you figure out what feels excellent during sex, and it can help you really feel more acquainted with your body. For example, you could utilize your fingers or a sex plaything to identify how it really feels. You may find that specific angles or placements are awkward for you while others are pleasant.

Talk with your companion concerning your worries.

The person you’re making love with for the first time might be anyone; your spouse, your partner, a good friend, and even a colleague. Regardless of what you choose to make love with and their partnership with you, it’s essential to practice open and honest communication.

Set reasonable assumptions around orgasm.

A man may feel that they have to consider lasting for a more extended period to satisfy their partner. 

You could feel the pressure to give your companion or yourself a climax. Many people do provide and also obtain orgasms the first time they make love, but not everyone does, which is indeed something normal.

Go slow.

Slow-moving and consistent wins the race, regardless of what sort of sex you’re participating in. Usage slow-moving and gentle movements in the beginning, and change it up if you both like.

Use lots of lube!

If you’re intending on making love, lubricants can be practical. It merely makes it much easier as well as much less uncomfortable to glide in and also out. This is specifically true if you’re intending on penetrating the vaginal canal or rectum with a vibrator or penis, your fingers, or other sex toys.